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How ADT Monitoring Helps West Virginia Residents Secure Their Homes

Even the friendliest of communities face occasional problems with crime. Take West Virginia, a place known for being welcoming, having lots of community events, and having an engaging sports scene. Yet, in 2013, West Virginia faced 4203 assaults and 61 murders.§ What's more, many of those violent incidents occurred at home, where people rightfully expect to feel safe.

Thank goodness you have access to YourLocalSecurity.com. Your West Virginia home will be safer with help from YourLocalSecurity.com, since you'll get the most up-to-date information on security technology and features. When you check out YourLocalSecurity.com, you'll find everything you need to know about home security and alarm systems available in West Virginia. That means you'll be able to find a terrific deal that fits both the needs of your West Virginia home and your budget. After all, statistics show that in West Virginia, people with home security systems are generally three times less likely to be victims. To find out which home security systems are available for your West Virginia home, pick up the phone today!

Need Help Deciding if a Security System is Right for Your West Virginia Home? Consider the Value You'll Get in Each of These Areas:

Peace of Mind

Within the last year, 9674 burglaries have occurred in West Virginia.§ Confidence and relief are the main reasons why West Virginia residents chose to invest in a home security system. By getting a home security system today, you'll be helping your family rest assured that they are better protected from criminals.

Protection For Your Family and Personal Property

West Virginia security systems help protect what matters most to you. A security system helps keep your property safe by letting you know when a door or window is opened, alerting you to unusual movement in your home, or even warding off potential criminals before they break in. When it comes to protecting your family and home, security systems are a budget-friendly and effective solution.

Help Protect Your Home Against Fire and Carbon Monoxide

It's not just criminals that pose a threat to the safety of your West Virginia home. An average of 430 people die of carbon monoxide poisoning annually nationwide.§ A home security system can provide your home with alarms that are designed to alert you when they sense critical levels of carbon monoxide and smoke before they become an emergency.

Save Energy and Other Costs

Helping prevent break-ins is only one way that West Virginia home security systems work to protect your home. These advanced systems can also notify you if the moisture levels in your home are abnormally high, which often indicates the presence of a leak or flood. That way, you can address the problem early and prevent extensive damage. To find out more about how a security system can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint, give us a call today!

Monitor Your Home While You're Away

With 27423* burglaries occurring last year in West Virginia§, leaving your house unsecured is dangerous. Fortunately, home automation and home monitoring features available with many West Virginia home security systems give you the power to safeguard your house and property. That means you'll be able to keep tabs on your home nearly anywhere you go. You'll always feel better about being away from home knowing that you can use your smartphone to access your home's system, at any time.

How Much Does A Security System Cost in West Virginia?

Last year in West Virginia, it was reported that 651§ robberies took place. Weighed against the financial and emotional costs of those crimes, home alarm systems are a wise investment. The price of home security systems can differ depending on several factors. Things like the floor plan of your West Virginia home, and whether you opt for additional features such as home automation equipment or security cameras, will affect the overall cost. Here is just a handful of the home security packages available to West Virginia residents in your area:

ADT Pulse®
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36 mo

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ADT Pulse®
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58 mo

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Why is home security a priority for so many families? The United States experienced 8,632,512§ property crimes in 2014. Fortunately, YourLocalSecurity.com can help you find the best deal for your home by comparing home security companies and alarm systems in West Virginia. Get a free estimate when you fill out the form today!

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Have you ever lost your keys or had your locks picked? Not anymore! Keypanels upgrade alarm systems in West Virginia with added convenience and more protection for your entrances.


Want to find out what's happening in your West Virginia home when you're away? There's a great solution to keep an eye on your household—home security cameras! You can easily check on your pets and kids at home, plus keep track of visitors. And in the unfortunate event that you're victimized by crime, your cameras will automatically start recording suspicious activities.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a great way to keep your home secure, as they monitor your home 24/7. That means you get round-the-clock protection, both while you're at home and on-the-go in West Virginia. Motion sensors are a vital part of any home security system, as they can detect unusual movement caused by a potential break-in. They can also be installed in unsafe areas of your home--that way, you can respond right away if a child wanders into the basement, for instance.

Door/Window Sensors

Home alarms do more than deter potential intruders. They can also alert you anytime someone uses a door or window, making it easier to keep tabs on the kids or other visitors.