Door alarms are an inexpensive option for home security, but they only take the security system so far.
While door alarms are a great first step, you may want to consider alarm monitoring to complement any
door alarms you might have in your home.

Benefits of Door Alarms 

Door alarm systems can alert you if an intruder is trying to break into your home while you are in it.
They usually sound at 110 to 120 decibels, which is loud enough for you to hear throughout most
homes. This alerts you to call 911, and it alerts the intruder that you know he is in your home. It will also
likely tell him that the police are on their way.
If you are away from your home, the alarm may be loud enough for a neighbor to hear, and that
neighbor may be able to call the police for you. Most burglaries occur during the day, so this is
Types of Door Alarms 

You can find a few different types of door alarms. Some wireless door alarms are portable and do not
have to be permanently mounted anywhere. These types of door alarms can be hung on the door knob,
and they are activated when someone turns the door knob. Because these are portable, you can also
take them with you, such as when you travel.
The door stop alarm is a wireless door alarm that looks similar to an actual door stop, but it sounds an
alarm when pressure is put on the door as it is opening. It is wedge‐shaped so that you can put the
narrow part under your door.
Some door alarm systems have a keypad panel, which is usually mounted close to the monitored door,
and a code number will activate and deactivate the alarm.

Are Door Alarm Systems Enough?

Though door alarms are a key part of a full security system, they are not always enough on their own.
While these alarms may alert you that an intruder is trying to break in, and alert the intruder that there
is some kind of security system set up, generally no one else is alerted by this alarm. Neighbors may
hear the alarm, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to react.
In conjunction with door alarms, alarm monitoring services round out the home security package. With
alarm monitoring, when one of those door alarms goes off, either the police, a security company, or
both are alerted to the problem. This usually means that the police will arrive at your home shortly to
assess the situation. Without monitoring, no one else would be alerted to the break‐in, and thus no help
would arrive.
If you are thinking about setting up door alarms or already have them in place, you should consider
installing an alarm monitoring service of some kind as well. You can talk to home security experts to help
you make the best decision for your home security plan and help keep you, your family, and your
possessions safe from intruders.

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4 Tips to Help Reduce IT Costs

by on July 17, 2013

As technology becomes more intertwined with business operations, business owners are left looking for ways to cut back on IT costs. While individual companies will differ in terms of what changes are practical, there are several options that should work across the board. Here are four tips for reducing your costs without sacrificing efficiency.

1. Determine what you truly need.

It’s common for businesses to buy the latest and greatest technology without putting it all to use. Perform an audit of computers, hardware, software, and anything else contributing to your technology expenses to give you a good idea of what’s really necessary. While upgrades are important, it’s often possible to get by without being fully up-to-date on everything. When doing an audit, list what’s necessary, what’s optional, and what you can eliminate.

2. Get a managed IT department.

Leaving the technological aspects of your business in the hands of professional not only saves money but can streamline daily operations. EarthLink is a great company that offers a variety of services such as colocation, dedicated servers, and secure remote access, to keep businesses functioning at a high level. In terms of data storage, savvisdirect can offer cloud servers or a private cloud to meet the needs of most businesses. By offering the scalability that growing businesses need, and preventing threats from infiltrating a network, this can be a money saver in the long run.

3. Condense and consolidate.

If you have several contracts with numerous vendors, your cost can rise considerably. Bundle packages with the fewest number of vendors possible to minimize tech costs and simplify operations. Companies often offer special bundle deals so multiple aspects of operations can be covered without spending a fortune.

4. Negotiate existing contracts.

Because IT vendors naturally want to keep their clients on board for as long as possible, many are willing to work with you to come up with an agreeable payment plan for both parties. This is especially true in an economy that’s still somewhat down. Tight competition among rival vendors can also work to your advantage, and special deals can be made. Whether it involves an overall cost reduction, discounts on certain services, or a freebie, negotiating can yield some serious benefits. After all, you won’t know what your options are unless you ask.

With all the options available, it’s possible to find a customized plan that keeps your business running smoothly while ensuring data security. The money you save can then be funneled into other areas, and you should experience an increase in profit margins.

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