They Stole What?! Seven of the Strangest Home Burglaries

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by Elli on February 7, 2013

Believe it or not, burglars who break into homes do not always take the most obvious items. You may expect burglars to steal lots of jewelry or an entertainment system, but that isn’t always the case. In some instances, burglars have been known to steal everything from family pets to large kitchen appliances. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for all the weird details.

1. Electric range stove and refrigerator.

It seems that getting an electric range stove and a refrigerator out of a home undetected would be a nearly impossible feat, but on January 7, 2013 that’s exactly what happened in Hinesville, Georgia. The resident, who was trying to sell the home, found the door to the house had been kicked in, and the stove and refrigerator were gone.

2. Family Pets.

Having family pets stolen is more common than you might think. If a pet makes a disturbance during a break-in, a thief may just take it. There have been reports of stolen birds, fish, dogs, and even pigs and chickens. For example, last year the Stradleys in Fowler, California came home one day to find that their home had been burglarized in the middle of the day and various valuables had been stolen, but the most devastating news was that their family dog, Patton, had been taken.

3. Home Decorations.

Apparently even home decorations aren’t safe. In Bixby, Oklahoma in November 2012, thieves stole $25,000 worth of décor from a model home, including lamps, bedding, chairs, and end tables. Perhaps someone took a tour of the house and decided they couldn’t live without the velvety tapestries. In any case, the biggest tragedy of the situation is that the home did have an alarm system, but the system had been turned off to allow some potential buyers to view the home.

4. Cremated ashes.

On January 10, 2013 a woman in southern New Jersey reported that her home had been burglarized and the thieves left hundreds of dollars in cash, but stole several boxes of inexpensive jewelry, along with the cremated ashes of two beloved family pets. The resident said the ashes were in two wooden lock boxes with the names “Bam Bam” and “Lucky” inscribed on the lids.

5. Spare change.

A few years ago, residents of Portola in Southern California experienced a series of break-ins, but these were not ordinary break-ins. The senior officer at the Portola station said that nothing of real value was stolen in any incidents, and the most money stolen in a single incident was perplexingly small: $10 in quarters. In regards to the case, Sergeant Dwight Cline said, “It’s almost like they’re breaking in just for the fun of it.”

6. Cleaning supplies.

Last year in Salem, New Hampshire a couple was arrested for burglarizing a home. In this particular break-in, not only did the burglars ransack the usual valuables (jewelry, televisions, and fur coats), but they also stole anything they could get their hands on, including groceries, a mop, a broom, and a can of wood cleaner. The phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” seems appropriate here.

7. Designer purses.

The New York City police department has a stockpile of confiscated stolen property in the form of jewelry, silverware, money, and lots of Coach designer bags. Burglars often do their research, and they know many homes have less obvious valuables in plain sight.

Do you know of stranger items stolen from homes? Please share in the comments.


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